Top 10 Skills for Effective Distance Teachers

Prepared by Su-Tuan Lulee for EDTEC 550  Distance Education - Fall 2007

Educational Technology Dept. San Diego State University

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Top Ten Skills for Effective Distance Teachers

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Top 10 Skills for Effective Distance Teachers


Following top ten skills are selected base on this definition for distance teacher:

A distance teacher is an individual who personally teach or facilitate student learning from distance through various media.



  1. Course design and development


  1. Selecting course delivery strategies
  2. Group dynamic skills
  3. Moderating online discussion
  4. Ability for online social presence
  5. Comply with government or discipline standards


  1. Negotiating for appropriate support
  2. Complying with institutional policies


  1. Specific technical competence for software
  2. Dealing with constraints and possibilities of the medium