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Prepared by Su-Tuan Lulee for EDTEC 550  Distance Education - Fall 2007

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Review of An Online Course

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Evaluating MIT Course Using Chico University Rubric


Course Name: Teaching College-Level Science

Course URL: http://ocw.mit.edu/OcwWeb/Chemistry/5-95JSpring-2006/CourseHome/index.htm

Instructor: Dr. Lori Breslow

Delivery Time: Spring, 2006

Class: One session / week; 2 hours / session

Level: Graduate


In general, this is an “Exemplary Level” course; however, since it is not a course designed for distance education, it uses limited Internet technology only. Also, since I do not have the opportunity to conduct in-class observation, my evaluation for Category 5 and 6 might not be impartial.

Category 1: Learner Support & Resources

  1. Course contains extensive information about being an online learner, although I didn’t find links to campus resources. I assumed that the course document was originally embedded in MIT website where links to the campus were existed. (Exemplary Level)
  2. The Course provides a variety of course-specific resources but not ‘contact information’ for instructor, department and program. It is a reasonable speculation that MIT has omitted private information from Open Courseware web site on purpose. (Exemplary Level)
  3. The course offers access to a wide range of resources supporting course content in “Texts and Materials” and “Lecture Notes” sessions. (Exemplary Level)

Category 2: Online Organization & Design

  1. Course is well-organized and easy to navigate. Students can clearly understand all components and structure of the course. (Exemplary Level)
  2. The course syllabus identifies and clearly delineates the learning environment and expectation to students; however, there is no evidence shows that this course will be delivered online. (Exemplary Level)
  3. Web page design has a clean look and communicates course information clearly. Home page animation runs smoothly but it is too fast that students would have difficulty to read texts clearly. (Exemplary Level)
  4. Visual effects and functionality are consistent. (Exemplary Level)
  5. The accessibility issues are not mentioned. (Basic Level)

Category 3: Instructional Design & Delivery

  1. The course includes team project and learning by teaching activities, and in-class discussion, therefore, opportunities for three types of interaction and communication should be ample. (Exemplary Level)
  2. Course goals are not found but learning objectives are clearly defined. (Effective Level)
  3. Learning objectives are defined with desired behaviors and conditions. Learning activities are aligned with objectives. (Exemplary Level)
  4. Many of activities the course provides are textual. (Effective Level)
  5. To complete the assignments, students will need to think critically and solve various problems. (Exemplary Level)

Category 4: Assessment & Evaluation of Student Learning

A.     The course includes multiple timely activities that provides evidence for evaluating learning outcomes. (Exemplary Level)

B.     Instructional and assessment activities are aligned with learning objectives. (Exemplary Level)

C.    The course has ongoing multiple assessments but most of the assessments are conducted through reading and writing. (Effective Level)

D.    I cannot decide whether regular feedback will be provided or not through the description of course web site. (Basic Level)

E.     There is no evidence that the course requires self and peer assessment. (Basic Level)

Category 5: Innovative Teaching with Technology

A.     Course uses limited technology except presentation tool. (Basic Level)

B.     No evidence shows that new teaching technology are applied. (Basic Level)

C.    No evidence shows that the course uses variety of multimedia elements and learning objectives. (Basic Level)

D.    The course use Internet access to provide links for study materials and lecture notes but the course does not use Internet to facilitate learning process. (Basic Level)

Category 6: Faculty Use of Student Feedback

I cannot tell the frequency that the instructor give feedback on course content simply from this course document. (Basic Level)