Course Description

ED 795B is about your future. You have invested a tremendous amount of time and effort to reach this course! It will provide you with an opportunity to consolidate your knowledge and experience for taking full advantage of what you have learned in your future career, both in the short and the long term. -- From course syllabus

Assignments Assignment

  • e-Portfolio Development
  • Personal Knowledge Management System
  • Reading the selected text
  • Future visioning and developing a blog about the future of work, technology and life

Planning Table for Development of e-Portfolios

Starting Date Components To Do Expected Date of Completion
 Jan. 25 Domain name registration  Shopping for good hosting providers  Jan. 31
 Jan. 31 Selecting a host  Contact hosting provider for details  Jan. 31
 Jan. 27 Review of 541 portfolio  Refresh the methodology for building the site  Feb. 2-3
 Jan. 27 Review of e-Portfolios from previous semesters  Come out with ideas to best links everything together  Feb. 2-3
 Feb. 2 Presenting current portfolio  Present work-in-progress  Mar. 3
 Jan. 27 Template/technology selection  Get familiar with CSS style  Jan. 31
 Jan. 27 Personal introduction  Revise bio wrote in 541  Feb. 7
 Jan. 27 Selecting artifacts  Review all previous projects  Feb. 7
 Feb. 2 Reviewing standards matrix  Visit SDSU e-Portfolio site  Feb. 15
 Jan. 31 Writing reflections for each artifact  Define structure for reflective essay, write & revise essays  Feb. 21
 Jan. 27 Developing professional resume  Define structure and writing style  Feb. 7
 Feb. 6 Selecting PKMS items  Review previous readings  Feb. 13
 Feb. 7 Writing annotations for PKMS items  Read instruction  Mar. 7
 Mar. 5 Rehearsal  Practice to friends  Mar. 10 - Apr. 5
 Mar. 10 Presentate to Faculty Pannel  Prepare to present at 5:30 AM  Apr. 10