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  CenterMoreland United Methodist Church

Sunday School at 9 am

Our staff is committed to teaching Christian principles, instilling an excitement in the discovery of God’s creation, and to be a model of the love of God.

                                         Who's Preaching this Sunday ?

         The first sermon is not by our Minister !

You preach the "message of encouragement" when you greet people out in the parking lot, and
when you enter the church, and again while walking down the isle to your seat.
You preach the "message of welcome" simply by offering a space to someone to sit next to you
You preach the "message of Hope and Joy" by enthusiastically singing           
You preach the "message of the power of prayer" by praying earnestly with others
You preach the "message of respect" by listening attentively
You preach the "message of love and compassion" when you listen attentively to the concerns
          of others  
preach the "message of faith" when you give your tithes and offerings

             Come to church Sundays,

       be prepared to give your best sermon's !