Sustainable Braintree, Inc. -- A Short History
Sustainable Braintree, Inc. was nurtured and mentored by the Social Action/Environmental Committee of Braintree's All Souls Church, Unitarian Universalist.  All Souls Church was designated as a "Green Sanctuary" by the UU Minstry for Earth in 2006.  In August, 2007, the Co-Chairs of this committee were invited to attend a quarterly meeting of Sustainable South Shore in Hull.   They continued attending these quarterly meetings, learning about initiatives in more than a dozen neighboring communities from Milton to Hull. 
Inspired by the people and ideas they encountered at Sustainable South Shore, All Souls' Social Action/Environmental Committee organized environmental events in Braintree.  Eventually, the sponsorship of these events was attributed to Sustainable Braintree, Inc.  The year's activities included:   

·        Organized house tour site of co-generation heating system (in conjunction with BELD and Climate Energy) in Braintree as part of the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) Green Buildings Open House Tour (October 2007 and October 2008)


·        Presented display in Braintree’s Thayer Public Library highlighting Sustainable South Shore and the Low Carbon Diet Lifestyle program (January 2008).  These displays have been used by several other chapters of Sustainable South Shore at their events. 


·        Introduction to the Low Carbon Diet Lifestyle event at All Souls Church, UU (January 2008)


·        Organized raffle which raised $100 to benefit Braintree HS Environmental Club (January 2008). 


·        Formation of a Low Carbon Diet Lifestyle discussion group which met four times throughout the winter and spring.  The four participating Braintree households reduced their annual carbon dioxide emissions by an average of 10,000 pounds per household. 


·        Active participation in Sustainable South Shore quarterly meetings (Aug – present) –   


·        Participation in Public Policy Question petition drive to put wind power question on the ballot in November (June/July 2008).  On Election Day,  a huge majority (86.9%) of Braintree voters supporting wind power development in Massachusetts. 


·        Sustainable Braintree, Inc. sponsors booth at Braintree’s 2008 Fourth of July Celebration  in conjunction with All Souls Church, Unitarian Universalist. 
·        Maintains e-mail listing of interested Braintree residents, using it to forward relevant environmental e-newsletters and event listings. 
Individuals from the Braintree community who had joined Sustainable Braintree's e-mail list were invited to an organizational meeting in August, 2008, from which plans were made to hold a planning meeting in September.  The meeting was well-attended and the energy and enthusiasm demonstrated there has generated a true community organization dedicated to promote environmental responsiblity in Braintree. 
Sustainable Braintree, Inc. currently has three task forces:  Energy, Recycling, and Food.  A Steering Committee is in place and officers have been elected.  "The Green Gala" fundraiser was  held on Saturday, January 24th, 2009, at Braintree's Sheraton Hotel.    We work collaboratively as a chapter of Sustainable South Shore.   
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Mar 13, 2012, 12:51 PM
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