Braintree, Massachusetts August 17, 2012:  Sustainable Braintree, host of the Braintree Farmers Market, and the Ever So Humble Pie Co, owned and operated by Andrea Taber, wish to issue this joint statement to clarify news stories concerning them and the EBT (formerly food stamps) program. 


Sustainable Braintree respects the opinions of all its vendors.  As an organization focused on environmental change, we encourage and applaud other organizations and individuals who express their opinion and take steps to further positive change in their community.  In response to requests from the visitors and vendors of the Market, EBT, Credit Card, and Debit card payments were introduced for the Market’s 2012 year.  Our vendors have been asked to join this program although it has not been mandatory.


Andrea Taber's frustration with the EBT program is directed at the US Department of Agriculture and the organizations that dictate what EBT benefits can and cannot be used for.  Sustainable Braintree has no control, nor any opinion, over the EBT program.  Andrea Taber, and the Ever So Humble Pie Company, Inc, have been a welcome vendor at the Market for the past three years and Sustainable Braintree hopes to continue this positive relationship with her and her business.  Quotes attributed to Donna Ingemanson have been taken out of context in an unfair manner.  Neither Donna Ingemanson nor Sustainable Braintree take any position regarding the EBT program but rather will continue to seek ways to grow the Market and respond to the needs and requests of its visitors and vendors.


For more information about the mission of Sustainable Braintree please visit www.sustainablebraintree.org.


The Ever So Humble Pie Company's home on the web can be found at www.eversohumble.com/



Sustainable Braintree, Inc. Mission Statement

Sustainable Braintree, Inc. is a community advocacy group committed to helping Braintree residents, businesses and local government conserve energy, promote clean and renewable energy, protect the environment and live sustainably

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