The Sri Lanka Survey Department is the National Surveying and Mapping Organization which has empowered by the Survey Act No. 17 of 2002, to provide land information on Cadastral and other Surveys. Since 1800 the department has been maintaining its survey documents related to land surveying and related plans which are prepared for Statutory   Surveys. All these documents are having a precious value.

As the world is evolving with sweeping improvements in technologies connected with the internet,  Surveyor General has decided to offer a facility to GENERAL PUBLIC to view the Survey Plans of  the Colombo District via internet, that could make the general public to know availability of Survey plans , easy access  in getting a copy of the survey plan from the Colombo District Survey Office.

There are several possibilities to search the interested Survey Plans.

LIS Index
LIS Index located in the Home page of the Survey Department website directing user to find the interested Cadastal map number using the Cadastral Map reference information in relation to interested  geographic  location of Moratuwa, Homagama(Part), Rathmalana,Kesbewa(Part), and Dehiwala(Part) Divisional Secratariats.
Priliminary Plan Index
PPlan Index in the Home page of the Survey Department website also facilitates the searching the plan number.
16 Chain Reference Diagram
will provide a guide to user to find the Survey Plan number  by using its approximate geographic reference.  16 chain RD index will help the user to  find the 16 Ch RD number of the reference location.  This number is required to enter in the search field in order to view the 16Ch RD diagram and obtain the paln number that required to view.
Using Data fields:  Divisional Secretariats Name and Village Name
If it is not possible to search the Plan numbers using above three indexes, the user can search by entering the  Divisional Secretariats of Colombo District OR/AND  respective Village Name.
Entering the plan number
If you know the Plan number you can directly search it in the system

Note: This facility provides viewing the Survey Plans and related tenementary informations. Documents can be viewed by the public and it is only the scanned image copy of the original survey plan and related documents. If you do not know the plan numbers of subsequent surveys  or any clarification required please contact Senior SS (Colombo). Copies of the plans will be issued on payment basis by the Colombo District Survey Office.