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Title 1 Teachers

Donna Cox

    Mrs. Cox is the Title I reading teacher at Luther Porter Jackson Middle School. She moved to Surry in 1980 and cannot imagine living elsewhere.  She began teaching at L. P. Jackson twenty years ago, after graduating from Christopher Newport University. In 2012, she received her master’s degree as a Reading Specialist from Liberty University.

   Mrs. Cox is an avid reader and loves helping students find books to enjoy. She will be pushing into classes and assisting students with assignments. She will also be pulling students out of classes to work with them in small groups. Her goal is to help her students become more successful with reading comprehension so that they are adequately prepared for the future. 



Octavia Williams

Mrs. Williams is one of the Title 1 reading and math teachers at Surry Elementary.  She works with third and fourth graders.  She has been teaching for over nineteen years.  Her teaching career began at Luther Porter Jackson Middle school in 1996.  She has also taught kindergarten and fourth grade language arts.   Mrs. Williams has an undergraduate degree from the College of William and Mary and a graduate degree from Old Dominion University.  
Mrs. Williams' goal is to support students and teachers at the third and fourth grade levels.  Please contact Mrs. Williams at 757-267-2558 at school, or email her at octavia_williams@surryschools.net with any questions or concerns regarding your child, our programs or the parent resource center.  

Vicki Roach

Mrs. Roach is also one of the Title 1 reading and math teachers at Surry Elementary.  She works with kindergarten, first and second grade students.  This is her thirtieth year teaching at Surry Elementary.  She spent 15 years teaching second graders and this is her fifteenth year as a Title 1 teacher.  She is a graduate of Christopher Newport University and a lifelong resident of Surry County.  Mrs. Roach believes that every child can learn. It is the mission of Title 1 to present the same skills and concepts that the students are studying in the regular classroom but using different strategies and manipulatives. 
 Please contact Mrs. Roach for any questions regarding your child, or the resource center, at 757-267-255, or email her at vicki_roach@surryschools.net.  

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