Title 1 is a program through which most school districts receive federal funding to provide supplemental instruction for students who qualify.  The funds for each school district are based on a state formula that is calculated by the number of students from economically disadvantaged homes.  However, Title 1 services are based on the academic needs of our students.  Students in grades 1-8 who qualify for academic support may be served in the areas of language arts and or mathematics at the elementary school and language arts at the middle school. 
Students in the Surry County Public School District are assessed frequently throughout the school year.  These formative, summative and performance assessments provide the teachers with the data they need to meet the specific needs of each child.  The goal of the Title 1 program is to provide the instructional services the students need in order to increase student performance and academic achievement. 
The purpose of Title 1 is to:
  • help every child receive a high quality education.
  • build capacity for parent involvement.
  • provide professional development.
  • meet the requirements of federal mandates.
At Surry County Public Schools, Title 1 funds provide for:
  • three Title 1 teachers in reading and or math.
  • a Title 1 classroom with advanced technology systems in the elementary and middle schools.
  • a Title 1 Parent Resource Room in the elementary and middle schools.
  • numerous Title 1 reading and math resources for students' and parents' use. 
  • training on parent involvement and extended learning activities.