World Language Teacher
Get to know Ms. Neris!

Hola, my name is Ms. Yvonne Neris. I am the Spanish teacher at Luther Porter Jackson Middle School.  I have been teaching Spanish at this location for eight years. It has been a pleasure working with the students, teachers, and staff of Surry County Public Schools.

I would like to share a little bit of my background. I am originally from Puerto Rico. My parents moved to the United States when I was four years old. I grew up in Philadelphia, PA and moved back to Puerto Rico with my parents when I was seventeen. The island was my home for ten years. Living in Puerto Rico and the United States gave me the opportunity to learn two languages and to be exposed to two unique cultures. As a young teenage girl, I did not understand the reason for moving to Puerto Rico. Today, I am grateful to my parents for making that decision. This transition has given me the privilege of learning about my heritage and has polished my language skills to the point that I am fluent in two of the most spoken and universal languages in the world-English and Spanish.

Why Learn Spanish?

Communicating in a different language opens doors and provides great opportunities. Many employers seek candidates who speak more than one language. In the United States, it is a huge advantage to speak and understand Spanish. One can become a teacher or language professor, an interpreter or translator, work for the United Nations or a Spanish Embassy. 

There are many advantages to learning a second language. One advantage is that one can meet people who don't speak English and talk to them with confidence in their language. One can help someone in need, travel to exciting countries and talk to the locals, go to a restaurant and order his/her favorite menu, and enjoy visiting all the different attractions the country has to offer.

Learning a language is fun! Students learn about different cultures and meet wonderful people of different backgrounds. They can delight in savoring a variety of delicious foods, learn to dance to the exotic music and read literary masterpieces written in the vernacular, travel the world, or maybe meet the love of their life!

Another important advantage of learning another language is that it can help students excel. It builds their vocabulary and improves their grammar skills. Students learn about different cultures. They can be a tutor for English language learners or the president of the Spanish club, learn to dance salsa, merengue or tango, go on a school trip to a Mexican or Spanish restaurant, or visit a foreign country. Opportunities are endless! 

As a Spanish teacher, I believe that learning to communicate in Spanish or another foreign language is very important, especially in the United States. I have taught in various states and in different school settings. I have seen a tremendous influx of Spanish speakers (and other foreigners) into our homeland for many years, and it still has continued to grow. Communicating with these newcomers will not only help them in many ways, but it will be beneficial for our country as well.