Welcome to Ms. Vanessa Scott's Website. This year, 2017-20178 I will be teaching Biology I, Honors Biology, Biology 2, and DE Biology. 

Students can access their assignments at https://classroom.google.com

My name is Ms. Vanessa Scott and I would like to welcome you and your child to the wonderful world of Biology. I will be one of the instructors for the Biology I and Biology II courses, and the Dual Enrollment Biology teacher.

 I am a graduate of Surry County High School, Virginia Commonwealth University (B.S. Degree in Biology), and Hampton University (M.A. Degree in Biology). I am a certified licensed teacher, and because I have a masters degree in the subject in which I teach, I am considered to be a highly qualified teacher.

 While this is my twenty- fifth year teaching in Public Schools, I have worked in other capacities in my field. I was employed as a Laboratory Specialist in the Microbiology Department at the Medical College of Virginia and was adjunct faculty at Thomas Nelson Community College, where I taught Microbiology and aseptic laboratory technique to nursing students.

I have also dissected cadavers at Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center, and worked as a volunteer at Metropolitan Hospital and for the West End Volunteer Rescue Squad, both in Richmond, Virginia.

This year at Surry County High School, I will be teaching Dual Enrollment Biology (Parts 1 and 2) through John Tyler Community College, where high school students can receive college credit.

Course DescriptionBiology I is designed to provide opportunities for academic and social growth involving the biosphere. It offers the student a balance of modern and traditional biological science. Concepts and principles of biology applicable to all life are presented to emphasize that all systems in the biosphere are similar and related. Included are activities that encourage the student to conduct independent research, deliver oral presentations, and express themselves in a range of written modes. 


Course DescriptionBiology II was designed to build on the concepts introduced in Biology I. In this course students will apply knowledge acquired in Biology I to explore interrelationships between organisms and between organisms and the environment. Environmental changes caused by humans and their effect on the diversity of living things will also be examined.

Course Description: Dual Enrollment Biology is designed for high school students to receive 6 college credits for two semesters of Biology: Biology 101 and Biology 102. Please refer to the syllabus for content description.