Hello All, 
    My name is Mrs. Arnita Major. I graduated from Surry County High in 2005. I attended the University of Virginia and graduated in 2009 with a Bachelors in English. I decided to go back to school and attended Liberty University and graduated with a Masters in Education/English. I am currently a member of the North Carolina National Guard where I serve as a Logistics Officer. I am still undecided of how much longer I am going to stay in the military but so far I enjoy what I do. I married my high school sweetheart in 2015. We currently have a daughter; Jayla, and are expecting our son in December of 2016. 
    English is my heart's love and passion and I fully intend to stir a love on the inside of each of you towards English as well. I cannot promise that some portions may not be boring to you, however, I can guarantee that we will work together to find what your preference is in the English World. 
    I promise to work with you if you promise to work with me and by semester's end you will have been successful along this journey called 10th Grade... 

English 10 and English 10 Honors:

In this course we will cover:   Some of the important British, American, and world literature. Some major authors, Some of the important and representative literary genre's,  Appropriate history and history of ideas helpful in understanding and enjoying this literature.

By participating in this course, you will have opportunities to: Interpret written materials flexibly; understanding that although multiple meanings are possible, textual evidence needs to support individual interpretations of the literature being read as well as the implications drawn from it,  Write expository prose responding to questions about the literature,   through reading and writing about literature, learn to become reflective and lifelong learners.  

Theater Arts:

The purpose of Introduction to Theater is to increase students' understanding, appreciation, and critical perceptions of the theatrical event. Readings and lectures will focus on the elements of theatrical practice; artists and innovators of theater throughout history; and on the theater development as an art form and a social phenomenon; participation in class forum discussions and sharing of critiques and short reports will offer avenues to explore students' individual theatrical interests; and optional attendance at theatrical events will offer first-­hand experience in theater arts.