Surf City Sailing and Yacht Club 


The Huntington Harbour Yacht Club

3821 Warner Avenue. Huntington Beach, CA 92649

 Ph. (562) 592-2186


H.H.Y.C. facilities can be rented for Private Parties, Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Seminars and Meetings.   Please call the club for current price schedules and availability! 


At the H.H.Y.C., you will find a well-maintained public launch ramp with a limited number of trailer parking spaces.  This is a public parking lot, so you must pay the automated attendant or you will be cited.  The public docks behind the club have a waste pump out station that can be used almost anytime, except when the club is hosting an event.  


A public launch ramp is located next to the Huntington Harbour Yacht Club          

 A small number of boat trailer parking spaces are available with either an annual or daily City of Huntington Beach parking lot passes.  An automated parking attendant is located against the west end of the lot for daily permits.  There are no launching fees. 

Travel time to the breakwater: approximately 30 min. 

Please observe the 5mph/”no wake” speed limit throughout the harbor to the breakwater.  Annual parking passes can be obtained at the H.B. lifeguard Headquarters or City Hall.   The facility has a public waste pump-out station with time limited docking privileges. 


Are you already a member of a yacht club? 


H.H.Y.C. extends reciprocation rights and over-night docking privileges to participating yacht clubs.   Call: 562-592-2186 for availability.






H.H.Y.C. Summer Sailing Programs 

 Let your child experience the thrills of sailing at our fun and educational summer sailing program.  In this program, children will enjoy learning the basics of sailing, knot tying and seamanship aboard small sail boats.   Each boat, under the supervision of an instructor, will learn the joys of sailing while navigating the calm waters of Huntington Harbour


This summer sailing program has been designed to provide a positive outdoor experience in a fun and challenging environment that will be appreciated for a lifetime.  Goals for program participants include the mastery of basic sailing skills, a focus on safety, appreciation for the outdoors and the ocean, development of social skills, greater self-esteem in cooperative settings, the making of new friends, and of course having a lot of fun!


A special graduation banquet, class photo and H.H.Y.C. Summer Sailing Program                    A T-shirt is included in the class fee.  Participants bring a hat, change of clothes, towel, and sunscreen each day.  A swim test will be given on the first day of class.


Turtles: (6-7)  Learn about the sailing basics and water safety under the close supervision of a trained, fun loving instructor.


Beginning Sailors: (8 and older)  Students will learn to rig and sail sabots on their own Rigging.  They will also learn water safety, seamanship, and self-confidence in the water. Intermediate Sailors:  Advanced students who have attained advanced sailing skills and the basics of racing protocols.


Advanced Sailors:  Students who have shown their knowledge     of identified skills and are ready to compete in races both in and outside of the H.H.Y.C. waters.  The emphasis  will be on sailing and competing with CFJs and LIDOs as well as the Naples Sabot.   We have a very qualified staff of racing instructors.






The Huntington Harbour Yacht Club Jr.'s mission is to create a welcoming environment where junior boating enthusiasts gather for friendship, community service and the furtherance of boating enjoyment within Huntington Harbour and Throughout Southern California's coastal waters.    











For information on other Southern California Yacht Clubs, we reccomend that you visit



O.C. Sheriff Harbour Patrol Division HQ. 



Huntington Harbour's 

Personal Watercraft Regulations

 Access to the ocean is gained only through the Seal Beach Weapons station by way of Anaheim bay.  No personal watercraft may be operated within this area.  Therefore, all personal watercraft must be towed through this area.  There are no exceptions.


 Vessel Launching

Trailered vessels may be launched at the Sunset Aquatic Park at 2901 Edinger Ave. in Huntington Beach. For additional information, please call (562) 592-2833.

Cost: $7.00.  Includes 24 hours of parking in adjacent lot.


Owners of large vessels are encouraged to tour the facility prior to bringing their boats as some large vessels and trailers may encounter difficulty entering and exiting the facility.

Vessels are launched in the northwest corner of the harbor.  Travel time to the breakwater: approximately 20 min.  Please observe the 5mph/”no wake” speed limit throughout the harbor to the breakwater.


For additional information on this and other boating laws



Guest Slip Rentals

Sunset Aquatic Park:

Must call in advance to obtain permission and receive instructions!
Phone: 562-592-2833 or 714-846-0179

Approx. Cost: $0.50 per foot of the overall length of the boat, per night.

A $50.00 security deposit is required for a key which gives access to the docks and restrooms.


 Peter's Landing Marina

You must call in advance to receive permission and to supply them with the registration/documentation number of your vessel.

Phone: 562-592-4441 or 714-840-1387

Fax: 562-592-3816

16400 Pacific Coast Highway Suite 108, Huntington Beach, CA 92649

Approx. Cost: $0.50 per foot of the overall length of the boat, per night.


Other Amenities

“Mariner’s Point Fuel Dock” is in the immediate vicinity of the launch ramp.  For information on goods and services available here, please call (562) 592-4975.





ABC's of Boating



Coastal Waters Forcast


 Huntington Beach Live Cameras



H.B. Junior Lifeguard Program



Pacific Offshore Racing Association







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