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When HDTV, High-speed internet and multi-room high-speed network are widely used, a new kind of awareness will surface, There will be increasing need for PLC as a viable, low-cost, eco-friendly and high-speed network-carrier! 

 That’s when Surestreamer™ will be needed to enhance PLC-performance! 

For a decade, the next demands for network transfer-speeds may probably hover around 100Mbps ~ 1Gbps; 

• Access transfer-speeds may also reach 1Gbps, with FTTH (that’s when high-speed in-premises network becomes necessary & desirable); 
• WIMAX-technologies may make WIFI obsolete, but not in the near future
• Mobile devices may increase, but fixed home or office equipment will all require connections to the POWER-line and NETWORK-servers;
• Most home-appliances will be able to communicate with one another, simply by being plugged into the power-line (this is where Surestreamer™ will pave the way);
• Demands for low-noise, surge-protected and PLC-friendly interface devices or apparatus will increase! Here is where Surestreamer™ will fill the gap!

 What will be the preferred medium of data-transfer?
• Wireless media may be preferred, but security may still be a issue;
• Sharing of air-waves may cause transfer-rate to slow down, besides being less secure;
• The next choice may have to be PLC – no new wire but very secure at high-speed!

Cable-connected medium may be the answer, but more copper & insulators and resources will be needed – not eco-friendly;
• A practical, if not the practical medium will be PLC or power-line communications, but inherentproblems still must be solved (that’s where PLC-PLC-Surestreamer™ will pave the way);
• WIFI may not be fast enough for HDTV or Video-streaming.

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