Alexandre Otto Strube

Some of my stuff, or stuff I work with.

Publication List on Google Scholar

Helmholtz AI - I work as an HPC consultant here

Jülich Supercomputing Centre - My work for Helmholtz AI happens here



Steel Goose Moto Group - I've been a director of this motorcycle group since 2001

Ubuntu Linux - I am an active member of the best Linux distribution up to date

My pictures on flickr. Abandoned


Redhat/Fedora stuff - old stuff which used to make my life a little more useful with those OSes.

BROffice - - I used to work as a collaborator, and intend to do more.

GnomeICU - a long time ago, I used to help on the project. Today, everyone uses aMSN or pidgin

Barroco Internet - an ISP in Ouro Preto, minas gerais, Brazil, where I worked from 2001 to 2002. - several years ago, I wrote some articles here.

Unicamp's RAUTU - a collaborative system of questions and answers.

The most outdated curriculum vitae ever

The official NIS (YP) HOWTO in Brazilian Portuguese - eu mantenho a versão em português do brasil do NIS-HOWTO