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Innovation - When Ideas Collide

We all know that feeling when you and a like minded friend look into a situation from the outside and can immediately articulate the solution in one sentence.

Collaborative Innovation


Sharing and combining ideas makes problems that seem unsolvable seem simple. 
Opportunities multiply when the right people get together.

Bright Idea

Innovation is not invention - it is evolution - it is collaboration - it is growth - it is clever.

Innovation is not a room full of scientists - it is good ideas nurtured and developed.

Super Creative Core specializes in Innovation Solutions 


We flatten hierarchy - good ideas bubble upwards without needing bosses to escalate them.

We extend the reach as far as you need it - all the way to individual customers if that is what you want.

Expert opinions carry greater weight than those with only a passing interest.

Rewards incentivise collaboration.

Your Staff 

  • Collaborate better
  • Plan better
  • Execute better
  • Sell better
  • Manage better


Super Creative Core

  • Specializes in assisting companies innovate. New Technology, new strategies, new methods, new ways.
  • Brings together a number of seasoned professionals to assist in the development and implementation of innovation methodologies within organizations.
  • Services include Innovation Strategy Development and Alignment, Innovation Process implementation. 


Innovation, Knowledge Management, Telecom Methods and Implementations, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence, Change Management, Social Media, Cultural Change Management, Business Integration, Data Architecture, Business Architecture

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