Bugs are advancing from the evil windows of chaos to destroy the whole world! Save the world, make it a better place, for you and for me and the whole entire human race by working together with your partner. But don't get it wrong: the real enemy is right in front of you...

"1-on-1 Duel: Winbugs!" is a funny action game that allows you to duel with your friend, via a short or an endless bugs-smashing match on a single iPhone / iPod Touch device. A classic Top Vs Bottom game.

- 5 Scenes / Difficulties
- Funny Artworks & Sound Effects
- Simple Battle Statistics

Important notice: this game has absolutely NOTHING to do with the operation system Windows (a trademark of Microsoft Cooperation)! It's NOT saying Microsoft Windows is buggy or something like that.

Bugs just come out of the windows. Those windows are evil. And that's all.

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