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Tap, or die!? That is not the question! Just defeat the zombies by tapping like crazy! However, this is not a simple "how fast you can tap" game 'cause it has:

- Multi-user profile support and per-user ranking system.
- 3 difficulties, well balanced for all armatures and experts.
- Exclusive background music by
APOKEFALE and Super Art Studio.
- Sound and vibration toggle while shooting.
- Multiple original artworks in gallery mode.
- Exporting pictures in gallery to your photo album.
- Online Ranking System (Standard / Deluxe): show the world how fast you can tap! (Available in standard and deluxe editions.)
- Bonus contents: story mode preview, promotional MV, and MORE! (Available in deluxe edition only.)

Watch this video if you have questions such as "WTF the story mode is?!?"


- Export pictures from gallery mode to photo album.
- More enemies: Ebitan Green, Ebitan Black, Randy...
- Added a feature that allows users to change profile within the app.
- Bonus contents such as high-quality promotional video, story mode, etc.
- Re-balanced the difficulty setting.
- Various minor bugs fixing.


APOKEFALE: for background music Tap Or Die


The Tapping Of The Dead, $3.99 (Standard Version, 5 Enemies)
TOD: Deluxe Edition, $7.99 (All 7 Enemies & Bonus Contents!)
TOD: David Edition, $0.99
TOD: Andrew Edition, $0.99
TOD: Johnny Edition, $0.99
TOD: Randy Edition, $0.99
TOD: The Ebitans Edition, $1.99
TOD: Bob the Boss Edition, $1.99
TOD: Zombies Edition, $2.99
TOD: Monsters Edition, $2.99

Select your favorite enemy to shoot and kill! However, only standard and deluxe versions have the advanced features such as online ranking and story mode preview. Make your choice!


All rights reserved. Please contact leo囧 if you want authorization of any material contained in this app (don't worry, hopefully we'll grant it).