Public Safety & Health

This page will house questions frequently asked of the Public Safety Department

How do I print my course schedule?

You will need a printed course schedule to get your SUNY Ulster ID from security. Here's how to find it: -> Student Resources tab -> "Your Schedule" channel -> click the "Print Your Schedule" link.

What is SUNY Ulster Alert?

SUNY Ulster uses RAVE Alert services to notify you via phone, text, or email of weather delays and cancellations, and other emergency notifications. As an active student or employee, you are automatically signed up to receive alerts at your SUNY Ulster provided email address. If you would like to receive alerts via text message, phone call, or at alternate email addresses, you can add them to your RAVE Alert profile.

To do so, log onto -> Student Resources tab -> Banner Self Service -> Personal Information -> Emergency Alert (RAVE).

How do I update my emergency contacts?

To update your emergency contact information, log onto -> Student Resources tab -> Banner Self Service -> Personal Information -> "View and Update Emergency Contacts"

How do I meet my immunization requirements?

Detailed information about immunization requirements, and how to comply with them, can be found on the Health Services area of the college website.

Where do I get Health Insurance certification forms verified?

Registrar's Office - VAN206

Campus Safety Information and Resources:

Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Policy

Student Accident Insurance Program

Student ID's & Parking Permits:

To obtain a student ID students must present a paper copy of their upcoming course schedule and their photo ID. Students are reminded that they are required to carry their Student ID with them at all times while on campus and present it to any College Official upon their request.

To obtain a parking permit students must provide the year, make, model, color and license plate # of their car.

Contact Public Safety:

The Office of Public Safety is located in Hasbrouck Building, front, main lobby.

Office phone: 845 687-5023
Emergency phone: 845 687-5221