Division C at SUNY Ulster

The 2012 Regional Science Olympiad will be held this year on January 26th, 2013.

The Olympiad is held at Ulster County Community College also known as SUNY Ulster.  www.sunyulster.edu

This year's events are:

Anatomy & Physiology
Chemistry Lab
Circuit Lab
Designer Genes
Disease Detectives
Dynamic Planet
Elastic Launched Glider
Experimental Design
Fermi Questions
Gravity Vehicle
Magnetic Levitation
Robot Arm
Rocks & Minerals
Water Quality
Write It - Do It.

*Trial events



Each team can participate in all 22 events.
Teams will be scored based on their top 18 events.
If teams participate in 19 events their bottom score will be eliminated
If teams participate in all 20 events their bottom two scores will be

Each team is scored by their place in the event resulting in teams with the lowest "event" score ranking highest.  

Teams participating in fewer than 18 events will be penalized for each event less than 18 with an "event" score equaling the total number of teams participating in the Olympiad.  

Contact:  Karen Goodell and David Edinger are coordinating the Olympiad again this year.  You can contact Karen at goodellk@sunyulster.edu or by calling (845) 687-5181.