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Why Use Us?

Sunray Property Management was founded on the foundational business principle of Do It Better.  We are no strangers to the rental industry.  In fact, we're backed by over 80 years of experience in taking care of homes in Sunriver.  If you are tired of unknown income due to random and short vacation stays, consider renting your investment property Long Term with Sunray Property Management.  Contact us at SunrayPM@Sunrayinc.com

Who's Running the Show?

Sunray Property Management is owned and operated by Stacy Chapin and Greg Wesson.  Both have moved from Sunray Vacation Rentals to fill the void in the Long Term Property Management for the Sunriver and surrounding Central Oregon area.  Stacy has worked for Sunray for 10 years and has extensive knowledge of taking care of investment properties.  Greg graduated from Southern Oregon University with a Business degree and has spent more than 20 years in customer service.  Learn more about them here.   

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