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Johnny Soto made this project about explaining lyrics in a rap song.

Let's learn another language
These tips will help you with your studies.   These tips are created and posted here to help you become an independent LIFELONG learner.   You are invited to call (954) 646 8246 to get additional tips.   The goal is to give you GLOBAL SKILLS.   Tony Wagner of Harvard University calls them the "Seven Survival Skills."   Communication, Collaboration (working together), Adapting and Agile, Access and Analyze information, Critical Thinking (and problem solving), Creativity and Imagination, Integrity, Initiative and Entrepreneuring.  The last two, INITIATIVE and ENTREPRENEURING are the most difficult to encourage in schools because we teachers spend most of our time telling you what to do.   

NOW IT IS TIME for you to bring ideas for your school work.  What do you like to read?  BRING THE BOOK TO SCHOOL.  Magazines, websites, ebooks.  Send your ideas to VisualAndActive@gmail.com and we can learn about and see what you find interesting.


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1.  Bring a book, a magazine or a newspaper to school
2.  Bring ideas (what do you want to learn about?)
3.  Call with three new words (954) 646 8246 and explain the words to the answering machine.
4.  Take photos.  Put them on a Google+ or Facebook account and share them with your teacher.
5.  Put Spread the Words SAT app on your smartphone.  
Also Math Workout and other educational apps.

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