What is a Makerspace?  

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What people around the world are saying about Makerspace:

"Makerspaces are places to explore your passion!" 

"A Makerspace is a place to create something!"

"Students engaged in direct experience with materials, unforeseen obstacles, and serendipitous discoveries may result in understanding never anticipated by the teacher."

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What students at SCES are saying about Makerspace:

"A Makerspace helps kids be responsible."

"You get to build and create and this all helps your brain learn.  This is what Makerspace is all about."

" Makerspace is the best thing that has ever happened to SCES and we hope it happens everywhere."

Need some inspiration?  

Here is a slideshow of SCES student work!


Doorbell Video

Community Makerspaces in NH!

How can you help?

Other School Makerspaces!

Special Events!

What has been happening at SCES? 
What kinds of events match up with Makerspace?

Dot Day 2014!

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Dot Day 2015!

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Global Cardboard Challenge 2015!

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Resources Available

Wondering what tools are available, check out the list below!

Duct Tape & Duck Tape

Duct Tape

Inspirational Videos on how to use Duck Tape brand tape!

The Art of Duck Tape Lesson Plans



Inspirational Videos Lego Basic kit



Inspirational Videos K'Nex Basic Kit


Inspirational PowerClix video

PowerClix direct purchase

Snap Circuits

Snap Circuits

Inspirational Video Snap Circuits

Student/Teacher Guides

North Eastern Univ. Snap Circuit Lesson Plans

Little Bits Kits

Little Bits Electronics Kits

Inspirational Videos Little Bits Kits

Little Bits Lesson Plans

Makey Makey

Makey Makey

Makey Makey shop direct Makey Makey

Makey Makey Lesson ideas

BeeBot & ProBot

Inspirational BeeBot video

Inspirational ProBot video

BeeBot & ProBot direct purchase

Curriculum for BeeBot by TTS

Lesson Plan for BeeBot

3Doodler Pen

3Doodler Pen

Inspirational Video 3Doodler Pen

3Doodler Lesson plans

Cubify 3D Printer

Cubify 3D Printer

Cubify 3D printer videos

Cubify Printer direct purchase Cube 3 Printer

3D Printer Lesson plans

Need some more ideas?  

Check out these videos for some of the Makerspace tools.

Snap Circuits Kits