Core Values & Beliefs

Core Values and Beliefs Statement

Sunapee Middle-High School is committed to preparing students to be positive, caring, and contributing members of society by maintaining high academic, social, and civic expectations within a secure environment.

As a community of learners, we value:

  • Tolerance, courtesy, and respect
  • Rigor and challenge
  • Connections between caring adults and students

As a community of learners, we believe:

  • Students should have the opportunity to develop their individual interests and talents through comprehensive course and co-curricular offerings.
  • Students should have opportunities to collaborate ┬áto become effective problem solvers, designers, and creators.
  • Students learn best when instruction is engaging, relevant, and applicable to the real world.
  • Students learn best when assessments are challenging and varied.
  • Students achieve the greatest success when they take responsibility for their education.
  • Technology is a useful tool in instruction and learning
  • Communication between staff, students, and community is important to student success and growth.
  • Students should make connections with the local community and appreciate that they are part of a broader global community.

Learning Expectations:

Academic Expectations

Social and Civic Expectations

  • Act with courtesy, respect, integrity, and compassion
  • Demonstrate responsibility and initiative, both as an independent learner and as a team member
  • Be helpful and contribute to the school and community