After recognizing the lack of community development and noting the limited resources of the local non-profits, a group of local volunteers began reaching out to support the non-profits in Sumter County.  This small group of philanthropist in Lake County decided it was time to do something to facilitate the efforts of people who wanted to make charitable contributions to the community, yet avoid the trouble and expense of establishing private funds or foundations. The result was the establishment of Sumter Sunshine Community Foundation.

    New board members and members of the community encouraged us to include the North Lake County area as part of the geographic area served by the Foundation. The Foundation kept the Sumter name in respect to our common heritage and history thus developing a board that is truly representative of the region that it serves.

    The Foundation serves as a pool of charitable funds for our community. Through the long-term investment of capital contributed by individuals, organizations, and businesses, the Foundation makes grants to charitable organizations and programs to enhance the quality of life of the community.

    Contributions to the Foundation and established funds have come from individuals, businesses, and organizations. These funds produce income for grants to support a wide range of charitable activities.