We Are Here To Serve The Community: We are your community foundation, and it is through your support and involvement that we are able to shape the future of our region and the communities you love. We are here to support non-profit entities, through fund-raising, networking opportunities, information sharing and support to community development endeavors that add place value to the region.  Working together, we can improve quality of life for generations to come. To shape a community and to change a life is a powerful opportunity. It's also truly rewarding. We work with donors to make their visions become reality and assist with securing funds for community development projects to create a stronger region.       

     Sumter Sunshine Community Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the spirit of community and the quality of life in North Lake County, Sumter County, and The Villages.  This is achieved by building, preserving and distributing philanthropic assets in our region where the funds can have the greatest social/economic impact.

        Our community foundation was formed by a group of volunteers, motivated to make a difference in our region while preserving the heritage and culture of our communities. Sumter Sunshine Community foundation believes in the importance of strengthening local non-profits, and that a vibrant community reflects a healthy economy; one with strong non-profits doing great work -- addressing the community's most pressing needs. To protect our communities is to protect our economy and strengthen our region.

      Our name honors our common heritage and historic roots.  Whether your interests are in the arts, education, health care, the elderly, youth, the environment or human services, Sumter Sunshine Community Foundation can connect you with the most important issues and needs of our community and help you to realize your philanthropic goals. Some donors want to end hunger in our community. Others want to offer kids the opportunity to go to college. Others have a vision for our community's future. Their reasons and interests vary, but partnering with the Sumter Sunshine Community Foundation gives every donor the opportunity to change lives. We encourage you to join us in supporting your community by donating or creating a fund and a legacy that will enhance our community for generations to come.

     Why You Should Give: To help our residents develop a thriving, healthy, active, vibrant, growing community that offers something for everyone; support initiatives that preserve the environment and the rural charm of our area, showcasing an environmentally conscious society, and allowing opportunities for people to expand awareness, learning, and wellness to fulfill their potential.

     Take Advantage of Significant Tax Savings: As a public charity, Sumter Sunshine Community Foundation offers the highest level of tax benefits for charitable giving. You may contribute cash, publicly traded and closely held stock, mutual funds, real estate, insurance policies, or tangible personal property and receive the maximum tax benefit according to Internal Revenue Service rules.  Community Foundations are classified by the Internal Revenue Service as tax exempt under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code; as a "publicly supported organization" under Section 170 (b) (1) (A) (vi); and as "not a private foundation" under Section 590 (a). As such, the Foundation is not subject to the excise tax levy and various restrictions placed on private foundations by the Tax Reform Act of 1969.

     Benefit from Professional Management: Foundation funds are invested in a balanced portfolio that produces funds for grant making while providing for asset growth and security of principal.

     Public Accountability:   A full-time professional staff administers the funds and there are no hidden costs. A low one percent administrative fee covers all fund management and periodic reporting-99 percent of your gift goes where it should, to the community.


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