Trustees 2015

Board of Trustees
An Executive Board of Trustees guides the Foundation's growth and management of assets, assessing the community's needs and distributing funds in all areas including the arts, youth, education, the elderly, environment, health care, civic and human services, or other charitable purposes selected by donors.

Additional members of the community are asked to serve as Trustees of the Foundation, "ambassadors to the community" on behalf of the Foundation. Their responsibility is to spread the word about the Foundation and report back to the Executive Board of Trustees about emerging needs and issues in the community that the Foundation can address through grant initiatives.

Executive Board Members

General Angelo Perciballi Sue Scott Ellen Didion
Admiral Rich Behn Bill Geringswald Don Hess
Walt Zielenski Laurie Peterson Mitch Roop
Dr. Richard Benjamin Kevin Sullivan Don Marx



Doris Ragan Terry Ragan Stephanie Scott
D’Anne Phillips Rebecca Kearney – Foley Neil Quiros
Phillip Scarpelli Curtis Leonard Nickolas Angelo
Kevin Pokorney Kathy Rager Joel Griffing
Connie Mahan Gayle Teerman Cheryl Kozak
Kelly Williams Sherry Olansanski Greg Padgett
Judie Mueller Dan McCormick Della Boushley
Paul Remis Larry Green Kate Shearouse
Bill Ed Cannon Marty Money Steve Knowles
Bill Spaud Jan Zacharchuk Ashton Hunt
John Gardner    

As a Trustee, the Foundation asks that you:
Attend the Annual Trustees meeting in March and the Semi-Annual meeting in October
Consider serving as a volunteer on a SSCF committee
Serve as an ambassador, spokesperson, and advocate for SSCF, and also as a resource for ideas that advance the mission of the Foundation

If you are interested in becoming a member of our Board of Trustees or if you would like to receive e-mails about community concerns and up-coming events, email and ask to be added to our email list.  We have a separate e-mail newsletter for financial advisors to keep you abreast of changes to tax-laws concerning trusts.  If you would like to receive that newsletter please let us know using the e-mail address above. If you have any questions call:  352-587-2710.