Finance Committee

Finance Committees meet annually to prepare the Foundation's operating budget and to assist as needed in the annual audit.

Grants Committee

This committee meets to review requests for grants during the Foundation's grant cycles and make recommendations to the Executive Board.

Investment Committee

Committee members are professionals in the world of finance, such as economics professors, investment consultants or others with a background in investment management. The Committee is charged with making recommendations to the Executive Board to provide for the investment of funds of the Foundation.

Marketing & Asset Development Committee

The committee's purpose is to promote public awareness of the Foundation's existence, flexibility, capacities and benefits to donors and the community. 

Nominating Committee

The committee is responsible for nominating persons for election to the Board of Trustees, Executive Board members and Officers of the Foundation. Additionally the committee helps provides orientation to newly elected trustees.

Trustees Fund Grants Committee

The committee invites all SSCF Trustees to make suggestions for grant making from the Trustees Endowed Fund.  Meets to review recommendations and presents a Trustees Fund grant proposal to be voted on by all Trustees at the SSCF Annual Meeting. 

Scholarship Committee

Establishes policies and guidelines to govern the handling of Scholarship Funds in a manner consistent with the purposes of the Foundation and in keeping with applicable tax regulations.  Current committee members include