Donor Resources

Begin Your Giving Now

There is no minimum donation requirement for gifts. An outright gift to the Sumter Sunshine Foundation, or to one of the charitable funds we hold, is easier than ever and can be managed in a variety of ways based upon your personal preferences.

START with an online pledge

·               Complete the form information.

·               Choose the "Print" button to print the information, OR

·               Choose the "Submit My Pledge" button to print your information AND send your pledge to us. You will receive a confirmation of your pledge at the email address you have provided.

NEXT, mail your donation

·               Mail the completed form and your check made payable to: Sumter Sunshine Foundation  to the address shown on the donation form.

·               If you are donating assets other than cash, or wish to establish a new fund, please schedule an appointment with us.

OR, schedule an appointment

·               Contact Us to schedule an appointment.

·               We can accept a variety of assets and we will work with you to tailor a giving plan best suited to your circumstances and philanthropic goals.

·               Our knowledgeable staff will walk you through the documentation required for each type of asset you wish to gift.

Once we are in receipt of your gift, a tax acknowledgement letter will be sent via US mail to the mailing address you have provided on the form.

If you have questions about your transaction, or would like to speak to a member of the Sumter Sunshine Foundation staff for assistance, please contact us at (352)409-5761 or by e-mail at: