Our Values

The organizational culture of this Foundation is grounded in steady principles known as our Core Values. The following Core Values guide the efforts of all board members and staff in support of the SSCF mission:

·         INTEGRITY

Honesty, transparency and truth in all matters related to the Foundation: straightforward discussions with one another; upright internal operations; honorable business transactions and factual communications with the general public.

·         CIVILITY

Respect for different opinions and cultures, evidenced by: listening with an open mind; presenting a courteous, approachable manner; welcoming diverse viewpoints; maintaining a strong sense of connectedness with the broader community.

·         JUSTICE

Impartial decision making, with the focus on what is best for the communities we serve, not on outside influence or self-serving interest.


Commitment to responsibility and discretion in the management of all Foundation resources, (financial and human) in the effort to maximize the opportunities to improve the quality of life for Lake and Sumter residents.