Why Corporate Giving

Did you know that most economic problems are socially rooted?

That is because 3 of the 4 factors that make for a healthy economy lie in community development. 

 We all want to live long and be healthy, so when people are choosing a place to live, whether they be a retiree, or a corporate leader looking for a place to start or move a business, they not only look at the physical aspects of the community or the cost competitive location but also the health and habits of the people who live there.

Corporate leaders today recognize the importance of health factors for their families as well as their employees.  Communities near hiking-and-biking trails, farmers markets, local events, multiple hospitals, especially those linked to large universities that offer medical research and training are seen as a wise investment for future habitation.  Universities linked with research hospitals also employ top doctors using the latest technology and attract younger university residents creating a demand for lifestyle perks that can be appreciated by retirees as well as the general community.  These younger residents also facilitate and support arts, increasing the cultural value of the area and social equity.  It creates a strong place value.

We recognize the important relationship between community development and economic development.  It’s not enough today to offer a cost-competitive location for economic development. It’s just as important to offer a location of value.  Place value is an integration of environmental quality, community viability, social equity, and economic viability. These factors are interrelated and achieving a desired outcome in any one of these requires attention in some way to all other factors.  These place value factors directly relate to the quality of life. The Villages success story is an example of an area that created a high place value/quality of life and resonated in economic benefits regionally.  Environmental quality, community viability, social equity and economic viability, the four factors necessary for a healthy, robust economy, are all highly rated there.  You can make a difference through the Community Foundation in your community as well, and it will have a positive effect on your company and the environment.