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Quizzes are posted for both 6th and 7th grade classes.  The links are posted on meadehistory.shutterfly.com.  I am trying to figure out how to link it so you only have to click on it, but for now, you have to copy and paste.  These quizzes are the first of three that will be due on 9/7. 
The kids can start doing Study Island now as well.  Please do not take the quiz that is not for your grade!  They are both posted separately.

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Last week, an invitation to our open house night was sent home.  Please see the school website for details.  It will be Thursday, August 24.

WELCOME to a new school year! I am so glad to have your child in my class this year! I am your child's Social Studies teacher.  6th grade will be learning World History from the "beginning" to the Roman Empire. 7th grade picks up with the Roman Empire and goes to the founding of our country. Let me first introduce myself.  Click on the link for a short Prezi about Mrs. Meade.

There are a couple of things you need to know about my class.  We are now in a digital world and much of my content will be posted here.  Your student will need access to the internet.  The library has computers and we have computer labs that they may work in if they have trouble accessing the internet at home, but they will need to come to school early or stay after school to use them.  Occasionally we will have Chromebooks in the classroom or maybe even a bit of time they can go to the library, but since it is only a 45 minute class, it is unlikely.  If you do not have a computer or internet at home, I would suggest you connect with a neighbor or relative that will let them access the computer from time to time.  Public libraries also have access to the internet available to the public.  I am not sure if tablets or phones will have complete accessibility, so I would not rely on them. We will, from time to time, use our phones in class, but for the most part, cell phone will be required to be placed in our "cell motel" at the beginning of class and picked up at the end of class.

I do not allow makeup work.  I fully expect my students to do all of their work.  Of course there are exceptions, but "forgetting" is not one of them.  This is middle school.  They have to bridge between elementary school where their teacher had only 30-ish children and could remind them constantly, and high school where they are completely responsible for their own selves.  This is a great time to do that because while grades get them into the next year and count toward Honor Roll/Beta/National Honors Society, they do not follow them to their college application.  Please do not ask for special favors or accuse me of losing papers.  I have been accused of that many times and every time so far, the paper was found in the no name bin, in the student's backpack, or the student admitted that they did not do the assignment.  I would never single out a child to "lose" their work, but I am human.  If it were to happen it would be a 1 time thing, not a recurring one, and to offset that possibility, I do allow 1 dropped grade per period.  I hate that this has to be addressed, but unfortunately, this has become a bigger issue each year that I have taught.  I ask that if a student misses an assignment, please let them learn from it.  Life does not always give us second chances, much less third, fourth.... They will not fail over 1 missed assignment. If there are multiple missed assignments, then we probably have something else to deal with besides grades. 

There is a no-name bin in my classroom should they ever need to search for a paper they think was turned in.  That should be the first place they check if they are missing an assignment. Backpacks and lockers should be next. Students who do not do an assignment will have to fill out a form telling why they do not have it.  Hopefully all of this will alert everyone involved to a potential habit before it gets deeply ingrained.

*****Please call the office to get login information for Information Now so you can see your students grade when they are posted.  That will help you to know how they are doing.****

Extra Credit is built into my assignments and procedures.  I do not alter from this.  Extra credit is voluntary, but I have found that often the kids that need it, won't take advantage of it and the kids that do it, rarely need it.  One of the things I do helps me control overuse of bathroom privileges.  I give them 5 bathroom passes each quarter and they are free to use them.  However, if they turn them in on the due date, they will get a point for each one to average in with their grade.  If they turn them all in, they get double.  It does not punish anyone, but it does reward those who come to class prepared.  Part of being prepared involves bathroom visits between classes.  I also often add extra credit on a test or quiz.  Extra credit is not intended to replace a grade, only to boost one.

I have high expectations for my students and hard work is part of that.  I put in a lot of work for them and I fully expect them to do the same for me.  I know that to some, history can be boring, but it is my hope that they will begin to see their own place in this world. I love history and I hope they catch a little bit of that interest as we go along.  I promise to try to "make it so".  (In case you don't know, I am a Geek and that IS a Star Trek:TNG reference) 

There are links to the left for each grade I teach that will be specific to that grade.  That is where lessons and assignments will be found.  Since 5th period is homeroom.  I have a specific link for that class.  That is where you will find information about field trips and fundraisers.  I particularly participate in 3 fundraisers that I think are important.  We have the school wide fundraisers at the beginning of the year and in March, There is a "blizzard" that we have each year for Cystic Fibrosis that directly affects one of our faculty. You will hear more about that later.  And we always adopt a Secret Santa child to provide Christmas for.  It is not required to participate in these, but encouraged.  We try to have fun with it and the kids learn to be caring and generous through it, but I DO understand not being in a position to do anything.  I have been there myself!!!

Also in the links on the left, I have a page for FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) and I will be adding one for National History Day.  If you want to know more, just click on those at your convenience.

There will be more to come, so check back here often.  I really am excited to get to know your child and hopefully together we will come to see that this world is ours!