We will be sending out book orders throughout the year.  All of this will be done via internet. Ordering online is the easiest and most convenient way to order books mainly because I don't have to do any math or handle any money.  I have set up a classroom account though for you to have the ability to order from.     Best of all, your online orders will help our classroom earn rewards like free books and more!

To access ordering online Scholastic Reading Club and use this Class Activation Code:


Mr. Carlson's Schedule

3A Class Schedule

8:20 - Homeroom

8:25 - 3A Literacy - Carlson / Maher

          3B Science - Hildebrandt

          3C Math - Haught

9:05 - Specials 

Music - Monday / Wednesday 

Physical Education - Tuesday / Friday

Art - Thursday

9:35 - 3A Literacy (continued)

10: 20 - Recess

10: 35 - Social Studies - Carlson

11:15 - Lunch

12:40 - Recess

12:10 - 3C - Literacy - Carlson / Maher

            3A to Science - Hildebrandt

            3B to Math - Haught 

1:20 - 3B - Literacy - Carlson

          3A to Math - Haught 

          3C to Science - Hildebrandt 

2:30 - Specials / Skills

Monday - Skills / Guidance (every other week)

Tuesday - Skills

Wednesday - Media Center

Thursday - Skills

Friday - Skills

3:10 - Pack Up

3:15 - Walkers Dismissal - Walkers will dismiss out of the south side of the building

3:20 - Car Riders Dismissal - Car riders will exit out of the main entrance of the building

3:25 - Bus Riders Dismissal  - Bus riders will exit out the west side of the school to get on to the bus. 

MackinVIA is an online site for many books kids can read.  There are thousands of books that can be "checked out" and read.  Sometimes the novels we read in class will also be available on this website.  Our first book Fudge-a-mania is available. This site is a good resource for them to review, reread, catch up, or even use on homework assignments. 

To access:
Enter IN User ID: 6273durant
Password: aea267

This will get you into the search area.  I will have the books we are reading in class in the green "BackPack" in the upper right hand portion of the page.  Along with our current selection (if available) I will have other books pertaining to the same topic or by the same author. 

Username: Carlsonc
Password: BIGred2@

Once in the backpack, you can access the books in it.  You can also put books into the backpack if a student finds one they want to read.  They will need the backpack username and password.