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    EPHS 9th Grade Assessment Calendar

Your Mission:
To prepare for success in college and to become thoughtful, contributing members of society.

Parent Resources:

Office Hours Schedule

Monday (3:30-5:00pm)
  • Math (King)
  • Biology (Langley)
Location: Math: 102, Biology: 207

Wednesday (3:30-5:00pm)
  • English (Lee)
  • History (Balabanian)
  • Spanish 1 (Himmelsbach)
Location: 104-105

    Leave no snow leopard behind!
    Teacher Emails

    Mrs. King: aking@summitps.org

    Ms. Langley: slangley@summitps.org

    Ms. Lee: emlee@summitps.org  

    Ms. Balabanian: nanor@summitps.org

    Ms. Himmelsbach: thimmelsbach@summitps.org

    Ms. Kwan: fkwan@summitps.org

    Mr. Machado: fmachado@summitps.org

    Important Announcements

    • Want to learn about where you will be going on the 2014-2015 9th Grade Study Trip? Check out the itinerary by clicking here!