Michael A. Sandor
Supervisor of Health, Physical Education, and Driver Safety
908-273-1494 Ext. 5633 

Welcome To The 
Summit High School 
Health And Physical Education Department 

The Physical Education and Health Department focus on intellectual as well as physical development allowing for total wellness. Our program is designed to develop and foster knowledge and understanding, creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving.

The Physical Education and Health Department value this overall concept of  wellness for its students. Encouraging the total development of the student, with emphasis upon physical, social and emotional well-being, allows for short  and long-term goal achievement. 

    The physical education program enables students to make choices and decisions based on healthy attitudes for a positive lifestyle. Specifically, the practical application of physical education and wellness allows for greater kinesthetic sense, aesthetic awareness, self-identity, and self-esteem.

         This philosophy addresses the premise that physical education and wellness are a part of the educational process seeking to transmit, evaluate and enrich aspects of culture. Sport as a valued cultural form plays a vital role in human life.

With the all-encompassing nature of physical education, opportunities to develop individual potential for a productive, healthy and well-balanced future are possible. It is through psychomotor, cognitive and affective learning that students are prepared for their present educational roles and future goals. 

The comprehensive program includes fitness and fitness-related activities, team sports, dual sports, individual sports and activities, rhythmic movements, life-survival skills, health-related activities and activities promoting lifetime recreational pursuits.