You Be The Teacher


Now it’s your turn to become the expert.  For this unit each one of you will be assigned to a lesson.  You and the other members of your team will be responsible for completing all activities associated with that lesson, including a lesson taught to the class.  Each member of the group is expected to complete all assigned work and contribute to the group presentation.

Preparation: You will have approximately 5 days to research your topic, plan a lesson with your group and prepare some resources to give your classmates to take away with them.

Delivery:  Your lesson must last approximately 20-30 minutes.  Your delivery must include instruction, notes and practice problems that your group will do with the class.

Learning Styles:  When teachers are preparing their lessons, they’re thinking about all the different things that will make the lesson successful.  One thing to think about is meeting the different learning styles.  These are:

            Visual: what part(s) of my lesson will be available for students to see/watch?

            Auditory: what part(s) of my lesson will be available to hear/listen?

            Kinesthetic: what part(s) of my lesson can the students take part in?

In case your class doesn’t remember everything you tell them, you will need to prepare a teaching resource: something that students can take away with them and read or fill in later.  This should be no longer than a two-sided page. 


Day 1-2 – You will be required to research your topic and take notes independently.  You may use the classroom textbooks or the Internet for your research.  Your notes should include examples that you have done and ones that you may want to include in your lesson. 

Day 3+ – You will be working with your group to create a lesson to teach to the class.  You can use any delivery platform (i.e. Smart Notebook, Near Pod, Google Doc, Google Presentation or any other approved presentation app).  You need to be able to either print it or hand them out, post it through my website or share it through an app. 

Your lesson must include the following:

·      All necessary vocabulary

·      Steps to perform the processes

·      Examples

·      Problem(s) "your class" will work on

·      Homework assignment

Homework assignment – I will supply you with the homework assignment you will be giving to the class.  You are required to complete this assignment within the 5 days of preparation.  Please check your answers with your team, as you will be going over the assignment with the class.  Make sure your lesson covers all that is needed to complete the assignment.