Welcome to the Sully Christian School Kindergarten Class Page!

Hi, I am Donna Arkema.  My husband, Bryce, and I live on a grain farm southwest of Sully.  We have four grown children living in Colorado, Iowa, Kansas and Minnesota.  My husband and children are all alumni of Sully Christian.  I am a native of Edgerton, Minnesota.

I began teaching in the 1st grade classroom at Sully Christian after graduating from Dordt College.  I remained in that position for eight years and then I made the choice to stay home with our first child.  When our youngest child was preschool age, I was asked to help teach in the Resource Room which I did for five years.  This was followed by five years teaching Kindergarten.  I chose to leave my teaching position after that time and I did subbing in various private and public schools.  

This is my fourth year back at Sully Christian as the Kindergarten teacher.  My first year back I taught the Kindergarten Enrichment(KE) and Transitional Kindergarten(TK) programs that were being offered for the first time. Those who had children attend were pleased with the programs and with what was being offered.  There was not enough interest the next two years to make either program feasible so we did not have them.  To meet the needs of the community, the TK program was offered this year. There are 7 students enrolled in it.  The KE program was offered and has 1 student enrolled. 

Please feel free to contact me at darkema@sullychristian.org if you have any questions about either of these programs.  

My deep hope for myself and my students is... 

That seeing God’s fingerprints in His world 

and feeling His touch in our lives

will create a desire in us to share His touch

in the world around us. 

Our Storyline is...

Jesus' Touch:  See It, Feel It, Give It

By God's grace, together we will reflect Him to the world around us and bring glory to His name.