Welcome to 4th Grade

      Hello!   My name is Cindy Dyer, and I teach 4th grade Math and Science.    I hope everyone is adapting well to the new school year.  I have been very impressed so far that most of the students have shown great attendance, behavior and work ethic.  
      Math will be the primary subject in my class.  We will be following the Sullivan County curriculum which can be found on the county website.  One consumable workbook will be used instead of a hardback book.  Homework will be based on what is not completed in class.  We will be using the Smartboard, manipulatives, and various activities in class.  There are all kinds of great games and internet activities that you can try at home.  Please have your child practice multiplication facts each night as this is SO important in what we do.  
      We will try to cover Science as much as possible.  A great deal of the student's grade will come from class participation.  Please encourage your child to listen and be engaged in whatever we are doing.  Also, I offer extra credit in Science.  This can be a poster, report, model, demonstration, experiment, or anything that relates to the topic we are studying.  This is totally optional, but it's a great way to improve your child's grade and enhance our learning.
      If you have questions or concerns, please contact me by sending a note, calling the school (354-1853) or e-mailing - cynthia.dyer@sullivank12.net.
      Thanks for everything you will do to make this a great year!!