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Behavior System

This page is meant to help you understand our behavior system, but please remember that it is VERY NORMAL to see A LOT of clip movement until October.  We are all still learning!  Moving our clips early help us learn the rules.  We say our rules each day as a reminder.  Our rules are:

Our Behavior System:
Indian Springs Elementary uses the Class DOJO system to track student behavior.  Each I.S.E. student is provided with an account/icon that students and parents can follow through out the day.  Each student starts every day with 3 points for L.A.W. (Leadership, Accountability, & Work Ethic).  They can earn additional points for positive behavior and lose points for negative behaviors. 
30 points= Treasure Box and Certificate

Consequences for Losing Points:
Loss of Privilege/Time Out

*Parents can also message the teacher from this program/app. 
*Parent invitations are sent to parents from the teacher with a student specific code.