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Class News

YIPPEE!! Our DonorsChoose project was funded and we are loving our new books.  Thank you to everyone who gave and/or shared our project with others.  We appreciate your help and support.  Our students are reading like crazy!

DonorsChoose project- HELP NEEDED!!

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Each Kindergarten class at I.S.E. has a DonorsChoose project posted right now to purchase readers for our new CKLA reading program.  Our students are doing so well with their reading.  I am so impressed with how much they have learned.  We have gotten to the point that we are beginning to read from the program readers.  However, the county could not afford to purchase these books for our students.  Therefore, we are trying to raise money to pay for these readers so that the students can learn to read from actual books.  If you would like to donate you can go to my DonorsChoose page and donate from there.  Any donation would be greatly appreciated.  If you can not donate please share with others who might.  Here is the link to my page: .

First Field Trip of the Year- CLEEK FARM
October 11, 2017
We had so much fun today!  The weather was beautiful and the farm was fantastic.  We couldn't have asked for a better day and I couldn't have asked for a better behaved group to take on their first field trip EVER.  We jumped on the huge jumping pillow, played in the corn pit, raced ducks, played on the swings and dug in the sand pit.  We all participated in a hay ride and had a BLAST on the cow train. Lunch was fun under the covered area. We ended our day with a walk through the corn maze, having fun on the wooden tractor playground, and playing corn hole.  What a GREAT day in K. at ISE!
Our Class Butterflies
Today we entered class to discover that our two butterflies had come out of their chrysalises and decided to join our class.  Their excitement was so aweet and genuine.  We took them out and released them once they were moving about enough and seemed ready to fly.  Here are a few pictures from the release.  

Newest DonorsChoose project funded- Magnetic Letters
I am so excited to announce that our newest DonorsChoose project has been funded.  It only took a week to fund this project.  The magnets are here and the students are LOVING them!  I want to thank everyone who donated to this project and aided in making learning fun and exciting.  We are spelling sight words, color words, our classmates names, seasonal/month themed words, and MORE. 

DonorsChoose project funded- WOW
A big THANK YOU goes out to all those that helped fund our DonorsChoose project for Leappads.  We have received two Leappads and 5 games through this project.  The kids absolutely LOVE them.  They are used daily in our Literacy Stations.  I am so appreciative of the generosity that helped make this fun addition to our classroom possible.

SNOW much fun in January!
Last week we read "The Snowy Day," by Ezra Jack Keets and studied snow.  We were also lucky enough to have SNOW that same week.  Our essential questions for the week were: "Why does snow melt?" and "Can you prove this?".  So, we took advantage of the beautiful snow that was falling and went out to answer these questions for ourselves (Thanks to Mrs. Gillenwater for the great idea!).  We took pieces of black construction paper and caught snowflakes on the paper.  Then took it back inside to our warm classroom to watch how quickly it melts.  They LOVED it and learned a lot in the process.

October 2016 Field Trip to Cleek Farm
We had such a good time.  We went on hayride, rode the cow train, played in the corn pit, jumped on the jumping pillow, played on the slide, played corn hole, and ate lunch together under the shelter.  We had a blast!  They were so well behaved.  I was so proud.  Cleek Farm gave each child a small pumpkin as a parting gift.  We used those pumpkins later that week for our pumpkin investigation.  This all went perfectly with our stories for the week "Pumpkin Town" and "From Seed to Pumpkin."

9/27/16- Our beautiful BUTTERFLIES hatched and were released today!
Mrs. Jessee donated 2 butterfly chrysalis to our class.  We watched as they prepared to hatch and all of the sudden there they were TODAY!! The kids were very excited.  We gave them a few slices of oranges to feed on so they could gain some energy for their fight.  I released them today after school.