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Behavior System

This page is meant to help you understand our behavior system, but first I want you to know that it is VERY NORMAL to see LOTS of clip movement until October!!! We are learning!!! I do not worry about oranges or yellows or even a few reds between the beginning of school and October!! If I don't move them now I will lose all chance of them learning the rules!! We say our rules each morning as a reminder!! Our rules are: 

If we move our clip during the day I will send home a note explaining why EVEN IF WE MOVE BACK UP!! But I will let you know they moved up, that should be CELEBRATED that they were able to fix things!!!! Still review the rule they had trouble with! 

The clip chart works as follows:

We start the day on  Oh the Places You'll Go 

They can move up to Great Places

and even more to Moving Mountains

They can also move down to The Waiting Place

and more to In a Slump

and even more to Prickle-ly Perch