Philosophy of Education


Variety is the spice of life, like knowledge is the foundation of a successful life! Thus, I believe the purpose of education is to give knowledge and life skills to children, which will make them productive and contributing citizens in their community. Art education serves these vital purposes by the use of hands on learning, as well as, problem solving and creative thinking. My hope is to instill a love for knowledge and lifelong learning. I also hope to inspire them so they can possess that passion for education and artistic expression as I do. My philosophy is designed around an art education program that is characterized by the principles of art. Furthermore, it would have a strong foundation in art history, cross curricular connections and interdisciplinary lessons. I will work with the regular classroom teachers to develop those cross curricular lessons that directly tie into what they are learning in class. I intend to integrate my instruction while using the latest technology which will allow my students to be on the forefront of our ever-changing technological society.

Inspiring my students is my main objective as an art teacher. I will do so by introducing them to contemporary artists, as well as, the master artists of the past. They will have a well rounded art history background, in addition to, being exposed to today’s art world. This ideal will better prepare them to understand what is happening in contemporary art and allow them to produce their own concept of what art is. Also, it is important to teach art while remembering that all students are individuals, hence, having their own style of learning. I will assess each class individually to ensure that the most beneficial instruction style, subject matter, content, and project materials are utilized. I will create a sense of community in my art class through activities and lessons that require diverse group collaboration, discussion, and planning. They will create partnerships with their peers and learn together.

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