Classroom Policies & Procedures


Daily: Everyday I expect students to be seated and writing prior to the bell. Students will have a daily write and will share their responses at the beginning of each period. This goes for Distance Learners too!

Weekly: I expect students to check their assignments on Google Classroom and graded assignments on Aeries. I do take late work, so it is vital that students use their online resources check that they are up to date.

Monthly: At the end of each unit students reflect via Goformative. This is an excellent way for students to reflect and to set new goals for the next unit.

Late Work: Assignments can be found on Google Classroom or Aeries. Both of these platforms should be consulted prior to asking me. Students should always use the calendar to know what was collected that day. All assignments are hyperlinked. If students have not had an opportunity to check Aeries, they will find a pink file crate in the back of the room, where all assignments have been printed and filed.

Policies of room 284 are below:

Grading Policy: This course has been divided into categories. Please review the scale below. Aeries will be updated regularly. Please sign up for your Aeries account immediately. All students are expected to have access and check it regularly.


    • 60% Summative

    • 40% Formative

    • 0% Formative Practice







F= 0-59.49%

Reading:  In addition to the textbooks and various articles, students will read Romeo and Juliet, The Count of Monte Cristo, Of Mice and Men, Greek and Roman Mythology, Lord of the Flies, and Whirligig. I suggest purchasing your own copy of each book. I encourage students to purchase their own copies of the listed texts. It is important for students to understand that they should always annotate while reading.

Writing: University Preparatory School uses the Jane Schaffer writing strategy. I expect students to write double chunk, 5 paragraph essays, using MLA format and correct citation.

Pop Quizzes: Always do the nightly reading, as more times than not, you will have a quiz the following day. Quizzes will be both FOR learning and OF learning. Pop quizzes may not be held on work days.

Work Days: Major assignments; essays, projects, speeches, and presentation are due on the designated work day. This excludes essay revisions, readings, article write ups, worksheets, notes, or any other small assignments. I will always do my best to communicate with other teachers regarding major assignment due dates.

Cheating: Cheating is not tolerated and will result in an F on an assignment. A second offense will result in an F in the class. By 9th grade I expect students to be familiar with what constitutes cheating; however I will go over it as a class. Students must have a account where they will submit all major essays and assignments. Any paper that is rated in the yellow will require a formal meeting with the student’s parents and administration.

Attendance: Late work and/or make-up exams must be reconciled one day after the student returns to school after an excused absence. Projects and essays must be turned in on the due date regardless. If you miss class for a school activity or for any reason, it is always the student’s responsibility to locate the assignment. Start by checking AERIES (many times my assignments are uploaded), check my website or Google Classroom, and peruse the pink crate in the back of the room.

Tardies: Students must be in their seats when the bell rings. No exceptions. If are late you must fill out a ‘ticket’ explaining how you will not be late in the future. The second offense will result in consequences.

Class Access: I ask that students have access to the following websites:


  • My Class Site

  • Google Classroom


  • GoFormative

Compassion Cards: Students will receive twp compassion cards per quarter, allowing you to turn in an assignment by the following Friday  (worth 100% of your grade). When you turn in your late assignment, you must staple the card to your assignment. Compassion Cards roll over to the next semester, but they do not count as extra credit. The cards will never apply for group work, projects, or presentations.

Bathroom Policy

I expect students to use their passing period wisely; however I realize that sometimes extra time is needed.

Technology Etiquette

Cell phones or other electronic devices are not allowed in my classroom, before, during, or after class. Unless I explicitly state otherwise, students should have devices turned off at all times. Failure to do to so will result in disciplinary action.