Welcome to 9th Grade Honors English!

This year will challenge you, but I promise you will learn so much along the way!                                 

Below is the course description

9th Grade Honors English centers on students exhibiting learning initiative in English Language Arts; reading, writing, analyzing, speaking and language skills. The emphasis in this course is to build on the essential academic skills needed for college readiness that will support student success in high school and project pathways to higher education. Students will have the opportunity to produce extended projects targeted to learning acquisition, critical thinking and language skills development. Students will hone skills in syntax, grammar, vocabulary, and practice the MLA research format. Students will practice critical reading strategies using a variety of text both fiction and nonfiction. Students will read a variety of texts including poetry, any forms of informational writing including transcripts and articles, and literary works in short story, novels, epics, and classic plays. 

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