Summer help for those headed to 7th grade

Hi students and parents,

Here you will find some ideas to help keep your math skills up over the summer.

1) Here is a link to the CPM parent guide from our 6th grade textbook.  There are various worksheets with problems and answers.  The parent guide is organized like our textbook was so you can find which areas you maybe had a hard time with this past school year and look at those.  My tutorial videos will remain up until the beginning of August, so you can always watch those too to refresh your memory.

2)  Your 7th grade teachers want you to have your multiplication facts down (as did I).  If you don't have those down fast then google some multiplication fact games or download an app for your smart phone to practice these, good old flashcards work great too. 

3)  Check out the help links on the Important Links of this website.  There are helpful games and tutorials there to keep your skills up.

4)  Sign up for Khan Academy and work on the 6th grade skills or the 7th grade skills to keep your skills up.