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The dashboard is an overview page where you can see and keep track of multiple things at once.  It's a great place to get an overview on things and you'll probably want to make it your start page.  You can make either the Dashboard or your "Today" page your start page after signing in.

Day View

The day view is basically the core of the system. It is from the information and entries you input daily that we gather and calculate statistics to show you your progress over time.  You can view info or input for any day you like, the easiest way is via the sidebar calendar date selection widget.  Though the most common days you'll be filling info out are for Today and Yesterday.

On the Day view you will be able to input entries for Sugar Readings/Medication taken etc, if you have a premium plan you can also input food eating and physical activities.

On the day view you’ll be able to:
  • Add/Edit/Delete entries for Sugar Readings and meds. If on the free plan, foods and activities as well
  • Add/Edit/Delete comments for any entry
  • Add event tags to any entry to keep context (i.e: Before Breakfast, After Dinner etc) which we can then aggregate vital stats for over time. (i.e: The glucose avg bef breakfast)
  • See overall trends and stats for the day. (Averages, Glucose percentages, Total Carbs etc.)
  • You can easily create a new diabetes journal entry for that day to keep any notes.  Just click the "New Journal Entry" link.
  • Navigate to the previous or next day
  • The day view table is a simple grid laid out in chronological order, this allows you to easily follow the events of a given day from start to finish. When you throw into the mix all the various elements (sugar readings, medications, foods and activities), you’ll be able to spot clear trends of have various elements affected you.
  • See your day graph, which is a visual and chronological representation of the stats list.  This easily lets you graph your sugars through the day and compare them with the previous day.
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Multi-Day Stats

Multi-Day views are really where you get to see the important stuff, the progress you’ve made over various time frames and any potentially dangerous trends (i.e: blood sugar averages going up? That new mexican place you love not doing too much for your blood sugar? If you exercise more in the morning you find you have better daily averages?)

Browse by time frames

The point of the Multi-Day view is to browse by time frame. A time frame simply starts today and goes into the past. We have some standard time frames:

  1. Last 7 Days
  2. Last 14 Days
  3. Last 30 Days
  4. You can also select entire months in the past as a time frame by using the ”Select Month” tab in the sub-navigation.

Different sub-views within a timeframe

Once in a given time frame, there are several different sub-views in which to look at your data:
  1. Show Statistics: Shows overall trends and averages for each day in the time frame
  2. Show All Entries: Shows overall trends and all entries for each day
  3. Show Only Sugars: Shows overall trends and all sugar entries for each day
All sub-views are great for printing to show to your doctor and others.

Multi-Day Graphs

Find out all about the graphing on the Graph Help Page.

Your Diabetes Journal

You can keep a diabetic journal easily as well.  This is great for keeping a day to day or week by week entries for yourself in that timeframe.  It is also a great place to vent any frustrations too :-)
Your friends, family and health care team can also see and view your journals just as they can your statistics if you authorize them to, they can then comment on it. 

You have the option of marking posts private as well, in which case only you will see them.  Click on the "Journal" tab at the top of the page or click the "New Journal Entry" link if it is on your current page.

Day, Multi-Day and Graph Trends

You'll see on the day, multi-day and graph pages a trends section.  Here we calculate a few pieces of statistics and trends based on the timeframe for what you're viewing.  You can see things like the average, glucose percentages, average medication intake, carb summaries (If you have a premium plan and carb tracking enabled), physicial activity (if you have a premium plan and activity tracking enabled) summaries and more.  Here are some examples:

Day View Trends:

Multi-Day & Graph Trends:

Private Messaging

We’ve also added basic messaging between you and the people you let view your account as well as other users in the system. This is a private, one-to-one communication. Meaning you will see all the messages between various users but they will only be able to see messages sent to you by them or sent to them by you.

You can start a new message in the message tab, or you can click "Create New Message" from many other views.

Messaging Permissions

Permissions are simple: You get to edit/delete any message you like and TrustedVue accounts under you can only edit/delete those created by them. It’s no GMail and wasn’t meant to be, but its simple and we want to keep it easy to use :-)

Sharing your Account and Stats

You can easily share your stats with your friends, family and doctor so they can track your progress and give you extra support and motivation.  For more info see the Privacy and Sharing page.

Diabetes Logs

The Diabetes Log feature within Sugarstats is a simple to keep track of various logs such as:

  1. HbA1C Records
  2. Doctor Checkups or Visits
  3. Diabetic Exams (Foot, Eye, Cholesterol etc)
This way you can keep track of important things that happen months ago along. Again, the theme of the app: Spotting trends chronologically.

HbA1c Log

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Doctor Checkup Log

Exam Log