SRRK Rhodesian Ridgebacks


Black mask,red wheaten perfect to AKC standard. Strong prey drive,superior sight and protection instinct. Measures 28" from toe to shoulder, 90lbs with a 10mm white breast plate. Nobel and sound temperament. Excellent companion.


Black Mask, Red Wheaten, high scent drive,high sight ability,high play drive. Great return. Stands 26" from toe to shoulder, and 73lbs. All four toes tipped white, one inch breast plate. Excellent companion,sound and loving temperament.

GRACA (grey-ka)

Liver nose, red wheaten,strong scent drive, strong sight ability,dominate and fearless. Superior protection ability, good companion. Strong play drive with a  gentle temperament. Stands 25" from toe to shoulder, 85lbs, all four toes tipped white with a medium breast plate.