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Always come prepared for Physical Education by wearing sneakers and wearing clothing appropriate for movement.
Sit quietly and listen when the teacher is talking.
Behave respectfully toward others and our equipment.
Follow all the rules during an activity.

Always fully participate with your best effort.
Stop look & listen when you hear or see: voice, whistle, music or hand signal
Follow all the safety rules for the Gym and outside space.
Challenge yourself
Have fun!

Kindergarten Objectives:

To experience new ways to move: galloping, hopping, walking, running, jumping, leaping, skipping, and sliding. Change speed & direction in these various movements.

Activities will incorporate: stretching, bending, twisting, turning, balance, pushing, and pulling.

Identify parts of the body.

Understand "over", "under", "behind", and "through".

Experience the importance of teamwork by working in pairs, working in small groups, and learning to appreciate others.

Experience the importance of safety by using and caring for equipment. Experience being in a large open space but looking out for yourself and others.

1st Grade Objectives:

To build on the skills they experienced in kindergarten while adding: dodging and landing.

Change speed & direction in the movements at a quicker pace.

Activities will add more elements of balancing, sitting, kneeling, squatting, standing, bending, and swaying.

Will start to become aware of their personal space and should learn to respect that of others.

Experience the importance of teamwork and relationships by cooperating with partners and playing in groups.

Students will learn rules that include sharing, taking turns, and assisting others.

2nd Grade Objectives:

Will build on the skills they experienced in 1st grade and practice combining these movements and try transitioning between them.

Will learn the importance of a healthy lifestyle and learn to care for their bodies by getting enough sleep, eating well, and committing to regular physical activity.

2nd graders will become more capable of cooperating with others during games & sports. They will learn problem-solving skills, such as how to resolve conflict by saying "Sorry".