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Exercise  makes you better at the things you love to do , especially when you

have fun while doing it!


Todd Middle School Physical Education

Course numbers
6th Grade Physical Education-T0033
7th Grade Physical Education-T0031
8th Grade Physical Education-T0032

Course Policies
Students will participate in Physical Education 2-3 times per week on either even or odd days.   Students are expected to wear PE clothes to school or change into their PE clothes prior to the start of class.  PE clothes can be anything that one can move easily in as well as sneakers.  Students must be changed and present for attendance within 5 minutes of the second bell.  If a student is absent or is medically excused from physically being in class, all missed work is expected to be made up or will receive a zero for that assignment.  Students are expected to respect self, others and equipment.  Students are expected to follow The Todd Middle School code of conduct and help contribute to a physically and emotionally safe learning environment.  Students must leave all belongings including back packs in the locker rooms which will be locked prior to the start of class.  However, no money, phones or valuables should be brought into the locker room at anytime.

Course Procedures
Students will participate in a number of stretches and exercises to begin class followed by the lesson focus which will involve some type of lifetime activity or sport.  Students will have the opportunity to participate in a number of lifetime  and cooperative activities as well as invasion sports.  7th and 8th graders will also participate in a high ropes unit.  Students are asked to give their best effort and to keep a positive attitude toward class activities as well as others within their class.

Students will be graded in four categories:  40% daily participation, 20% preparation, 20% classwork and quizzes and 20% skill development=100%.  Students will be given a final exam at the end of the school year worth 40% of their 4th quarter grade.

Homework:  Make up any missed classwork and be sure to get 60 minutes of daily, physical activity! 

Resources for Learning: