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Welcome to 8th Grade English, everyone!  

What We're Doing in Class:  We've begun our first literature unit:  "A Parent's Influence."  

Homework:  All additional information regarding this class including assignments and homework can be found on my Google Classroom Page.  Use the link below.  You will need your child's ID and password to access the site.  Please obtain it from your child or contact Judy Coppola at judy.coppola@sufsdny.org.  

Link to Google Classroom Page

Final Draft of Goals Essay due by Monday, 10/3

Course Requirements:

 Expectations and Rules of Conduct:

 It is expected that you will come prepared for class every day.  Assignments will be completed and class time will be used efficiently.  Since we will be working with each other in writing and discussing materials, of utmost importance is everyone’s commitment to respect.  Speaking and acting courteously and respectfully to others will help us to work productively and lead us to success.


Required Materials:  1)   a section of a 3-ring binder that you label “English” which is then divided into four subsections:

a)      Literature Notes

b)    Vocabulary

c)     Writing

d)    Grammar/Mechanics

2)  a book (either independent or class novel)

3)  pens and pencils

Method of Grading:  The average of all tests, quizzes, writing assignments, and in-class activities will result in the quarterly grade.

Tests (30%)—Tests are announced in advanced.

 Quizzes (20%)--Quizzes may be announced or unannounced.

 Writing Pieces (35%)--We will work on each stage of the writing process together;  due dates will be given for each step.  Pieces will be assessed using a rubric that is tailored to the assignment and conforms to Common Core Standards. 

 Homework (15%)--Assignments will be collected and graded. 


 Late Work Policy:  For the first 2 quarters of the year 5 points will be deducted per day (up to 3) that a major assignment is late.  After that period, the resulting grade will be a ZERO.  During quarters 3 and 4 the point penalty will increase to 10 pts. per day (up to 3 days late) and then the grade will be entered as a ZERO in your average.


Tutorials:  I will be available during lunch and after school;  please note the schedule for the week on my door.  Be sure to get a signed pass from me so you may come to my room during lunch and utilize the after school sign up here at Todd.  Please see me if you have any questions or concerns:  My door is always open!


Important Dates:

Learning Resources:

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